Dallas Men Against Abuse

This past Saturday, March 23, 2012, Mayor Mike Rawlings held a public event to end domestic violence in Dallas. The rally was located at the Dallas City Hall. Despite the dark gray sky, rain or shine, the sponsors and vendors arrived at 7am-8am to prepare for the event. The food trucks were lined up waiting for a galore of foodies to come eat. The early birds would have greatly appreciated a coffee/donut food truck; unfortunately it’s just an idea (hint, there’s a need and people want a solution). Hello to the new business venture!

It was very thoughtful of the event coordinator to hire a bilingual co-host speaker. An impressive group of leaders and male role models were guest speakers of the event. There were a few local celebrities that attended the event such as Jerry Jr. Jones (son of Jerry Jones), Emmitt Smith (a former NFL player who led the Dallas Cowboys to 3 consecutive Superbowl wins), and Brandon Carr (cornerback for Dallas Cowboys).

Recommendations for the event:

1.)  The campaign did not effectively utilize the social media platform to its full potential!

2.)  They should have put in more effort to create a unique hashtag (#Rally323) for the event. Twitter users were using the hashtag #MenAgainstAbuse instead of #Rally323. If there are no clear directions, it makes more sense to use a relevant topic tag for common usage.

3.)  To simplify the usage for users, it’s best to generate more awareness by creating online BUZZ (content) for users to interact and engage (shares/comments).

4.)  The campaign also lacked economies of scale. If they expanded more interactions and hype prior to the event, it could have increased the numbers of attendance.


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Channel 5 News

ImageVendor: The Family Place


Be a man!

ImageBarack Obama Male Leadership Academy preparing for the National Anthem

ImageMy tweet made it on the screen.


Roughly over 1,000 attendees 


Cupcake Meet 16

Quick Introduction: Cupcake Meet (CCM) is a non-profit organization that brings car enthusiasts together to help raise money for charity. This past event, CCM16 was located in San Antonio, Texas. It was dedicated to the Fallen Firefighters and Law Enforcement.

The event is coordinated by 7 members of the organization including, interns and volunteers (such as myself). There was definitely an extended line of early birds waiting for their CCM stamp of entrance.


The lovely CCM Models surrounded Rudy’s son. He was leaning while driving his mini car.


This is a side glimpse of the event. Image

There was a designated area for the professional drivers to drift. They also provided opportunities for other car enthusiasts to ride with the drivers.  Image

The cars at the meet vary from old to brand new, turbo, low riders, and etc. (Can you tell I’m not familiar with car terms? I know a vehicle needs an oil change every 3k miles.)

Classic Police CarImage

Patrick’s Scion xBImage



Classic Corvette StingrayImage

The G and Bike had matching paint, interior, and carbon wrap. Image

Don’t forget to buy a souvenir for the road. Image

Happy 4-year Anniversary Cupcake Meet!Image

Fisherman’s Lucky Catch


I have a self-confessed obsession for any and all Vintage weddings. While I was enjoying the lovely evening I can’t help myself, but wonder around. It was literally a treasure hunt for details that reflects their love for one another. From their wedding invitation to wedding décor, the theme was seamless. It was the fisherman’s lucky day, because he caught the most stunning catch of his life.

If you instagram #JanetandJohnWed (digital wedding album) Image

Have a seat please (seating arrangement)Image

Care for a drink? (Open bar)Image The infamous hook ImageThe Bride and Groom’s cakes ImageTake a cookie at the Sugar Rush tableImageThe Peony TableImageShall we dance with the Mariachi BandImage

The Knot Blog

Nothing says summer and sunshine quite like lemons, and Todd Fiscus, founder of Todd Events included plenty in these sunny yellow floral designs for an outdoor rehearsal dinner. The lemons hung at the base of the hydrangea and rose cluster with more lemons scattered about the base along with pear-shaped statuary in keeping with the fruity motif. The perfect cocktails to serve with this floral arrangement? Amaretto sours to bring the citrus concept full-circle.


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The Knot Blog

Todd Fiscus, and founder of Todd Events likes to place loud and noticeable decor pieces near simpler areas of the room, including petal-covered vases like these stunning arrangements. “The reason I create vases out of flowers is that it allows the project to feel more specialized,” say Todd Fiscus, and founder of Todd Events on this unique signature style that gives lush centerpieces even more stunning florals. “It’s important to use large florals where large florals matter, but not every centerpiece has to be extravagant,” adds Todd.

Todd Fiscus

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